Employee Development Begins with Conversations

At FP&M, career development resources have always been in demand. Now is the time to make the most of your semi-annual Performance Management & Development Program (PMDP) conversation with your supervisor.

By getting creative with our online training approach in a time when in-person training is not as accessible, we hope to assist your development planning options as an FP&M employee.

New Year’s Resolution?

This January, make it a new year’s resolution to collaborate with your supervisor during your Midpoint Conversation and use the resources below to plan your development opportunities beyond the classroom.

It may have been awhile since you’ve looked at the Inside FP&M Performance Management web page. Resources and new learning opportunities are available. See what’s new! Go to web page.

PMDP Overview for New Employees

This 15-minute course reviews the PMDP process from probation to annual cycle.  Register
Includes descriptions of milestones, topics to be covered, and resources.

PMDP Annual Cycle Refresher

Take the 10-minute refresher course on the annual PMDP cycle for employees. Take Course
Review your milestones, topics to cover, and other resources.

Career Corner

Check out these resources for self-assessment, setting career goals, and planning career conversations with your supervisor:

Criteria for Success

At FP&M we believe everyone contributes to our success by building skills in 7 key areas.  These Criteria for Success are used in annual performance reviews, but they are so much more! 

These characteristics support every job at FP&M. In this section, we will be highlighting training and learning opportunities for different categories each month. There is also a great list on Inside FP&M Course Calendar Tool.

Communicating & Working Relationships
  • Influencing Teams from Within
    This online module provides participants with knowledge and strategies needed to make work teams more successful.
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  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
    This workshop is designed to help all employees of UW – Madison learn how to provide quality and effective feedback any time that the message is due.

    • Whether feedback is formal or informal, provided to employees, peers or someone else, there are ways that it can be structured to be effective and lasting
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Engagement, Inclusion, and Diversity
  • Bystander Prevention: Stepping in with Care & Confidence
    Learn skills that build confidence to identify, intervene and interrupt behaviors that negatively impact the workplace. 
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    • Examine options for effectively intervening and improving negative situations through the 4D’s of Stepping In framework…and more.
  • EQ Skills & Strategies: Perspective Taking
    PERSPECTIVES. We each have our own. And there is great value in pausing, checking assumptions, and looking through the lens of others.
    What happens when you share your story and I share mine? Learn the value of perspective-giving and perspective-taking as strategies that drive inclusive relationships, leadership, and teams.
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