What is the ELT?

Notes from the Extended Leadership Team

magnifying glass iconWhat is the ELT?

The ELT is the extended leadership team at FP&M. The team includes FP&M’s directors and their direct reports. Here is an organizational chart of members.

Organizational chart illustration: depicts 28 Facilities Planning & Management staff members with their headshot photo, name, and title

Why does this group exist?

The ELT was formed to bring leadership throughout FP&M together to convene on division-wide priorities, discuss campus changes, and get to know how each of the FP&M departments function.

How often do they meet?

Typically once a month. However, this group can meet more or less often depending on the time of year or special circumstances. For example, the ELT met weekly throughout the early part of the pandemic.

What topics are discussed?

Topics vary widely depending on pressing priorities at any given time. See the update from this week to learn more about topics planned for discussion throughout this year.

ELT 1/21 Meeting Highlights

notepad iconAVC Update

Rob Cramer kicked off the meeting with the following updates:

Rob has been meeting with campus partners including deans and directors as part of onboarding. A few takeaways:

    • FP&M is considered a key campus partner who supports academic and research success on campus. The division can continue to do this by improving processes like lab renovations and summer projects. 
    • There is interest in building on this partnership through increased communication around expectations, progress, and our processes.  
    • There is a lot of appreciation for how FP&M has helped campus navigate COVID-19.
    • There is interest in working with the division to build in tenets of sustainability, resilience, and social justice into future planning. 

Priorities for 2021-22: these topics will be part of the ongoing discussion at ELT meetings.

    • Partnerships – within UW-Madison, UW System, and external stakeholders. With University Research Park. 
    • Development of ‘23-25 capital budget
    • Continued COVID-19 response
    • Excellence in service
    • Engagement, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) efforts and training
    • Measuring customer service efforts

Budget and Strategy Alignment
  • Need to submit recommendations for ‘21-22 budget by early March
  • $3.6M budget reduction target for FY22
  • The core leadership team is working with Office of Strategic Consulting to facilitate this process
  • Looking at multi-year planning and programs. For example with lab renovations – moving from pilot phase; summer projects; culture of safety, sustainability, and resilience
  • Will provide an update on Feb. 10 and look to ELT for feedback