Shout-Outs–January 21, 2021



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Jay Bozart at the Fleet Garage


Shout out to Jay Bozart for taking the extra time and effort to prepare a vehicle for a cross country trip in a short amount of time. To explain to the driver about off road use and the proper tools and techniques to use in different situations.

-Sean Kypreos


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Physical Plant staff


We got MANY THANKS to Physical Plant from Brent Lloyd, Tami Moran and Todd Schechter for all your efforts to help outfit the Spring Testing sites and Lab. Special Thanks To you and Your Staff:

Brad Schenkel

Steve Heitz

Jeff Templin

They were especially pleased with your efforts and help over the holiday break!

 -Kris Ackerbauer


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