What is “BOP”? Getting to know Dawn Ness

What is “BOP” and how does this team help us do our jobs? Get to know Dawn Ness, FP&M Business Operations and Purchasing Services Director. Watch the video above (filmed remotely) to learn more.

Our job is to make Purchasing simple.”

-Dawn Ness, Business Operations and Purchasing Services Director

Whether it’s “fighting fires” or navigating the way through complex regulations and change, Dawn Ness and the rest of the FP&M Business Operations and Purchasing (BOP) team are making things happen behind the scenes so that we can access the goods and services needed to do our jobs.

An accountant by trade, Dawn sees her Purchasing role from a broader perspective. She states,

“It’s really funny, I don’t consider myself a numbers person. I’m really all about making sure my team is focused on business processes, efficiencies, and helping other people not to have to worry about financial transactions and compliance.”

Dawn also shares that P2P/ShopUW+ is going to allow us better reporting and tracking to know where orders are, all in one platform.

Hear about the future of purchasing and what to expect as the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) project and ShopUW+ go live on April 16, 2021.