New Hires, Promotions, and Retirements

Welcome and congratulations to FP&M’s newly hired and promoted employees.

New Hires

Name Position Department
Andre Anderson Custodian Physical Plant
Hae Jo Benz Recruitment Manager Office of the AVC
Patrick Brunker Plumber Physical Plant
Ethan Carlson Power Plant Operator I Physical Plant
Steven Dumas Plumber Physical Plant
Nicole Frick Executive Assistant I Physical Plant
Abrehet Gebru Booth Attendant Transportation Services
Cesar Gomez Custodian Physical Plant
Joseph Idzilkowski Custodian Physical Plant
Clent Kelly Custodian Physical Plant
Elvira Martinez Custodian Physical Plant
Lee McCann Engineering Specialist Physical Plant
Samantha Mireles Financial Specialist II Office of the AVC
Kai Olsen Inventory Control Coordinator Physical Plant
Francisco Palmeros Custodian Physical Plant
Joseph Perrine Electrician Physical Plant
Maria Rivera de Ordones Custodian Physical Plant
Jamshed Rivetna Project Program Manager (B) Physical Plant
Harley Scoville Steamfitter Physical Plant
Donta Starr Motor Vehicle Operator—Light Physical Plant
Joseph Walters Construction Project Manager Facility Planning & Delivery
Santa Ybarra Custodian Physical Plant


Name Position Department
Bradley Hartwig Facilities Technician III Physical Plant
Daniel Langer Facilities Technician I Physical Plant
Michael Sands Inventory Control Supervisor Physical Plant
Chad Froh Custodial Services Supervisor Physical Plant
Kurt Beilman Physical Plant Associate Director (Inst) Physical Plant
Alexander Montgomery Medical Assistant Environment, Health & Safety


Join us in wishing the following FP&M employees the best in their retirements.

Name Position Department
Daniel Einstein Administrative Program Manager Facility Planning & Delivery
Pamela Zander Senior Administrative Program Specialist Office of the AVC
Jane Simpson Office Associate Transportation Services
John Fass Custodial Services Supervisor Physical Plant
Michael Semler Grounds Crew Lead Physical Plant
Keith Sayles Custodian Physical Plant