University Staff Congress candidacy

A new round of University Staff Congress elections that will take place in the coming months. Seats are now open for any interested University Staff employee to become a candidate for University Staff Congress, a system of shared governance at UW-Madison. You can self-nominate by the deadline of April 4, 2022 at 1 pm to run for a seat in Congress.

How to self-nominate

If you are interested in being involved with University Staff Congress you can nominate yourself as a candidate by 1pm on April 4th by either: 

  1. sending an email to John Lease at stating that you wish to run, or 
  2. visiting the Office of the Secretary in 271 Bascom Hall during business hours to express your interest.

Members are elected to represent their district and have a voice in campus policy discussions for a one-year term. Meetings are once per month. Employees can attend without loss of pay.

Why participate?

FP&M strongly supports its staff to participate in UW-Madison shared governance including University Staff Congress. Employees’ leadership and service in shared governance provides opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Participating in shared governance is an opportunity for people across campus to come together to share ideas, make a difference, and gain professional experience. By getting involved in formal governance and participating in workplace decision-making you add value to our division and university. Openly sharing and thoughtfully challenging ideas can lead to better decisions about campus climate and safety; diversity, equity, and inclusion; human resources; academics; research; and other institutional matters. 

Individual members of Congress can solicit opinions from their districts, provide updates, and inform employees about events and elections. Employees are able to provide feedback to their representatives.

Learn more about University Staff Congress Shared Governance at and the elections at

Thank you to the FP&M employees who have participated in University Staff Congress and/or served as Committee Members:

University Staff Congress and Committee Members

Lee Bilke (Dist. 22)

John P. Anderson (Dist. 22 alt.)

Timothy Akey (Dist. 27 Personnel Policies Procedures and Communications Committee)

Anton Slobounov (Dist. 29)

Felix Castro (Dist. 39)

Sara Frey (Dist. 40 and Central Committee)

Patrick M. Hanson (Dist. 41)

Consuelo Morales (Dist. 42)

Luis A. Martinez (Dist. 42 alt.)

Neville Paul (Dist. 43)

Juan Santoyo-Zamora (Dist. 44)

Paul Phommasack (Dist. 48)

James Krause (Dist. 49)

Jacob Swisher (Dist. 50)

Scott Newton (Dist. 51 and Districting and Representation Committee)

Tom Henry Staskal (Dist. 51 second alt.)

Kathy Bear (Dist. 64)

Richard Ness (Dist. 82)

Molly Lenz (Dist. 88, Central Committee, Bylaws Committee, Districting and Representation Committee)

Kenneth Owens (Dist. 89)

Karen Demick (Awards Committee)

Kate Moran (Committee for Women in the University)

Danielle L. Smith (Committee for Women in the University)

Chuck Strawser (Health Care Advisory Committee)

Tara Cordes (Budget Committee)

Kathy Krasny (Academic and University Staff DEI)

Kate Moran (Committee for Women in the University)

Danielle Smith (Committee for Women in the University)

Chuck Strawser (Health Care Advisory)

Lee Bilke (Retirement Issues)