FP&M staff share expertise, win award at Showcase 2023

The 2023 Showcase event featured FP&M employees throughout the day:

Tony McGrath and Ryan Burt

Tony McGrath and Ryan Burt represented EH&S’s Office of Biological Safety with their poster about the successful Biosafety Cabinet Replacement program, A customer-first approach to helping labs. Their poster focused on how collaboration helped eliminate obstacles for customers. FP&M partners in this project included Physical Plant, Finance and Business Operations, and the Office of Sustainability.

Jesse Luckey Winters

During the breakout sessions, Jesse Luckey Winters presented Office Space in a Hybrid World: What Does Our Future State Look Like and How Will We Get There?, an interactive conversation about remote-hybrid work, trends related to space management and distributed work, and opportunities to support flexibility and improve workspace efficiency.

Left to right: Back row: VCFA Rob Cramer, Jesse Winters, Bo Muwahid, Joe Walters, Jim Martin, Silvie Marlette, Jenee Jerome. Second row: Allison Sanders, Lori Wilson. Front row: Janine Glaeser, Duane Marlette, Rob Shively, Brent Lloyd. Not pictured: Kris Ackerbauer, Pam Barrett, Craig Mayer, Kirstin Selchow

The CDIS enablement project team won an Administrative Improvement Award, which recognizes outstanding work in administrative process redesign, process development and customer service innovations that result in improved efficiency, revenue, cost savings or service delivery at UW. The Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration presented the award to Kris Ackerbauer, Pam Barrett, Janine Glaeser, Brent Lloyd, Duane Marlette, Silvie Marlette, Craig Mayer, Bo Muwahid, Allison Sanders, Kirstin Selchow, Rob Shively, Joe Walters, Lori Wilson and Jesse Winters, as well as Jenee Jerome and Jim Martin with the Office of Strategic Consulting.

The annual Showcase event is designed to celebrate and strengthen a culture of innovation and continuous improvement at UW–Madison. It offers an opportunity for colleagues from across campus to share best practices, learn from each other’s successes, and connect. The program features poster exhibits, poster flash talks, a keynote presentation, and a variety of breakout sessions.

Interested in participating next year? The 2024 Showcase will be Thursday, April 18. If you’d like to present a poster or session, please contact FP&M Marketing and Communications at marketing@fpm.wisc.edu for assistance.