New university brand fonts installed on campus computers

A sample of Red Hat Display

Recently, University Marketing (the campus-level marketing unit) selected Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text as the university’s official brand fonts. (These replace Vitesse, Verlag and Lato.)

These fonts have been installed on all DoIT- and AIMS-supported computers. They are available in many weights and styles, such as Light, Regular, Italic and Bold.

Image with words under two columns. Column on left has red header:  "Old fonts - do not use. Verlag. Vitesse. Lato." Column two has a green header: "New approved fonts: Red Hat Display. Red Hat Text. Crimson Pro."
A visual guide comparing old UW-Madison brand fonts vs. the new UW-Madison brand fonts

What does this mean for you?

  • You may have already noticed many UW-Madison website fonts have changed to Red Hat.
  • Over time, you will see FP&M print and digital pieces switch to Red Hat. (Old videos and archived documents will not change.)
  • If you are working on a presentation or document with Marketing & Communications, you may see Red Hat used more often, in addition to default fonts that are available on every computer, even non-UW computers (e.g., Arial).
  • You do not need to use Red Hat instead of normal text fonts you regularly use (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Times). 
  • If you have any external-facing and/or customer documents that you manage that use Verlag, Vitesse, Lato or Friz Quadrata in the copy or text portions (not a graphic or logo), please consider updating your fonts:
    • Red Hat Display is recommended for headlines, subheads and other large sizes.
    • Red Hat Text is recommended for smaller text size, such as copy or paragraph text.
    • Crimson Pro is a secondary font that can be used for longer text in small size, but only in print pieces (not on websites).
    • For translated materials, please use Noto Serif Simplified Chinese (Chinese), Eczar (Nepali), and Jomolhari (Tibetan). Red Hat can be used for Spanish and Hmong text.