Spring Step Challenge recap (2023)

*illustration: Arrow that becomes stair steps inside red block

Thank you!

The FP&M Wellness Committee would like to thank all those that participated in the April Step Challenge.

There were 53 participants who together had 12,021,436 steps, exceeding our goal of 10,000,000 steps!

Our top-steppers were:

  1. Jacqueline Chesson with 604,615 steps
  2. Mohamed Outayeb with 600,560 steps
  3. Nick Gullick with 466,048 steps
  4. Heladio Flores Hernandez with 416,824 steps
  5. Kevin Steele with 410,269 steps

Every person that logged their steps helped us achieve our overall goal. Also, a special thanks to those that participated in the FP&M CrazyLegs Classic team. Keep stepping!

Thank you to everyone for joining us this Spring!

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FP&M Wellness Committee