2023 FP&M Recognition Award recipients

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Thank you for joining us at the 6th annual Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) Employee Recognition Awards Celebration held July 25, 2023.

Customer Service Award

Lee Bilke

Nominated by Ji Young Yeo

Creative Solutions Award

Megan Fry and Al Yingling

Nominated by Ryan Pingel

Going Above and Beyond Award

Aaron McCoy

Nominated by Christopher Strang, Jeff Zebrowski, Amy S. Riedemann, Chris Richards, Casey Wampler, Tim Dalby, Ann Hommer, Charles Myer, Barry Dobbs, Mike Marean  

Unsung Individual Award

Tim Akey

Nominated by Susan Fritts

Teamwork Award

Kathy Bear and Dawn Ness

Nominated by Jason Rusch

AVC Excellence Award

Chemistry Response Team

Ed Corcoran, Pete Dahl, Dave Goldade, Dale Kraus, Rob Kennedy, Mel Marecek, Silvie Marlette, Megan McBride, Aaron McCoy, Shannon O’Connell, Roger Parr, Craig Randles, Jeff Schiller, Pete Severson, Don Ties, Troy Vannieuwenhoven, Vitaliy Vasylyuk, Todd Yanke, Jeff Zebrowski

Nominated by AVC Cindy Torstveit

An FP&M Tradition

Building a culture of employee recognition takes commitment and energy from all of us. At the celebration of employee recognition we experienced how this engagement manifests into gratitude and community. While we peek at a year’s hard work through the lens of six awards, we reflect back to the Honor Roll of noteworthy accomplishments by way of nominations that enable us to hold the awards in such high regard.

Thank you for attending!

Nominations are accepted all year round. What are you waiting for?  Nominate a coworker or team at: go.wisc.edu/nominate-fpm.


Thank you,

FP&M Employee Recognition Team
Donovan Kron 
Karen Demick
John Anderson
Lauren Hawley
Chad Hellenbrand
Johnny Lohrentz
Louise Meske
Alex Steinert