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Award nominations are due no later than May 7, 2021! Complete the nomination form below.

Nominating someone for a Recognition Award is a great way to highlight FP&M employees’ contributions, accomplishments, and service to a unit or department over time. Please provide a detailed description of the employee(s) you are nominating and include their actions that merit consideration.

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    Please include as much information about the nominee as possible. Specify the nominee's name, the award category, and reason for your nomination.
  • Note: If you are nominating a team of FP&M employees, enter the name of the team here and list the names of the team members in the Reason for Nomination field below.
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Scan and send print forms to Recognition@fpm.wisc.edu or mail printed forms to the following address: FP&M Recognition Committee C/O Nancy Helgeson Lyons, 30 East Campus Mall, Madison, WI 53715-1227.

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We are now accepting nominations for 2021 Facilities Planning & Management Employee Recognition Awards.

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