Celebrating FP&M staff APPA/MAPPA development experiences

group of people wearing conference ID tags on their necks pose and look forward while standing indoors at a hotel in front of "MAPPA" sign
Back row left to right: Bill Peckham, Jason Zenz, Jeremy Mangano, Nate Kosharek, Randy Wagner, Pam Barrett, Keni Feuling, Lorraine Schwager, Jim Bogan, Jason Rieger. Front row left to right: Pete Dahl, Sue Fritts, Brett Moyer, Kayla Ruplinger-McConville, Brad Endres, John Goodwiler.

MAPPA Annual Conference

Looking back on MAPPA 2023

FP&M was well represented at the 2023 MAPPA Annual Conference held Sept 24-26. MAPPA is the Midwest Region of APPA, an organization that focuses on leadership in educational facilities.

MAPPA is dedicated to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the quality of educational facilities and serves and assists facilities professionals in colleges, universities and other educational institutions throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Jim Bogan and Sue Fritts were speakers on a Leadership panel at the 2023 MAPPA conference, while Kayla Ruplinger-McConville and Pete Dahl presented on Employee Development: APPA’s Invest in Success Program. See photos from the event!

group of many people stand and kneel, posed within an office meeting room
Invest in Success Oct. 2023 program participants

APPA Invest in Success Program

Looking back on a successful development program

On Oct 11-12, 32 FP&M employees joined a two-day program called Invest in Success led by APPA, a facilities professional development organization and intended for frontline staff.

The employees who participated in this round of the program were: Lexi Baslington, Donovan Kron, Jennifer Kobesko, Kelly Kreklow, Kirstin Fosdal Selchow, Jason Zenz, Thomas Brown Jr, Timothy Kiley, Jesse Johnson, Kyle Garthwaite, Nicholas Brechtl, Robert Hauser, Jay J Maier, Paul Stacey, Shannon O’Connell, Shandon Gehrke, Page Buchanan, Kai Olsen, Paige Taft, Timothy Netzloff, Andrew Meredith, Dawson Maves, Craig Mlsna, Malik Mitchell, Danielle Smith, Kelley Downing-Steiner, Janel Brannigan, Timothy Brown, Cameron Sims, Nathan Tuggle, Tony Land and Stephanie Lederman. See photos of the 32 employees who attended in October!

Binded print materials on table saying "Invest in Success"
Join us!
people gathered at small tables in a large conference room
Invest in Success Oct. 2023 program participants

All FP&M employees have the opportunity to participate in the program.

Are you interested in participating in the program?

The next Invest in Success offering for employees will be Jan.  10-11 (day shift) and the Supervisor Toolkit offering for supervisors will be Nov. 28-30.

Supervisor Toolkit – Nov. 28-30, 2023

Employee Invest in Success – Jan. 10-11, 2024

Check out the upcoming APPA opportunities in Madison for FP&M employees.

APPA Training Opportunities for Facilities Staff at All Levels

Learn more about APPA at www.appa.org and MAPPA at mappa.appa.org