APPA Training Opportunities for Facilities Staff at All Levels

At FP&M, our work enables the campus to safely deliver on its mission. To do that, each of us has to stay current with trends in our profession, learn how to work efficiently, and build our interpersonal skills to work effectively with others. APPA, the leading educational facilities professional organization, believes professional excellence and personal growth are critical to institutional success and offers professional development programs that provide real-world skills uniquely designed for careers within educational facilities management.

Learn about upcoming programs for FP&M staff below!

*icon: person with body and head; five lines radiating upward and outward surround the headInvest in Success

This program trains front-line staff how to be effective and productive individuals and contributors to the team and institution.

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Apply for one of the upcoming programs with the links below. You must use your “NetID” + “WISC.EDU” when logging in.

May 2024 (deadline to apply is May 1st)

May 16-17 Application

September 2024 (deadline to apply is Aug 26)

September 11-12 Application

Contact Kayla Ruplinger-McConville for any questions.

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Supervisor Toolkit

This program has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the facilities management supervisor, offering practical, relevant skills to realize both personal and professional growth.

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Second Shift program
5:30 pm – 1:30 am, August 21-23, 2023

Day Shift programs
8am – 4pm, Nov. 28 – 30, 2023 (day shift)

2024 – information coming soon

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Monthly Webinars and Town Halls

APPA’s complimentary webinar series keeps staff in the industry informed and connected in the world of facilities.

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