New hires, promotions and retirements

confetti falling in air on plain backgroundJoin in welcoming and congratulating the following employees who were hired, promoted, or retired in September 2023.

New Hires

Welcome, newly hired FP&M employees:

Name Position Department
Sonya Adams Booth Attendant Transportation Services
Alexander C. Appleton Booth Attendant Transportation Services
Marybeth K. Baker Horticulture/Forestry Specialist Physical Plant
Sarasoti Basnet Custodian Physical Plant
Kylie Herring Painter Apprentice Physical Plant
Colin T. Jipson Arborist Physical Plant
Hope Lynn Johnson Administrative Manager Transportation Services
Tess Landphier Customer Services Rep Physical Plant
Dickshya Limbu Custodian Physical Plant
Peng Sue Lor Painter Apprentice Physical Plant
Nicklaus Lutes Booth Attendant Transportation Services
Ramkaji Mabuhang Custodian Physical Plant
Jordan Murphy Medical Assistant Environment, Health & Safety
Margaret S. Murphy Professional Consultant Physical Plant
Stephany Obi Booth Attendant Transportation Services
Derek J. Peplinski Motor Vehicle Opr-Waste & Recy Physical Plant
Kyle T. Ritchie Facilities Technician III Physical Plant
Michael C. Rowe Custodian Physical Plant
Frankie James Schneeberg Construction Project Manager Physical Plant
Eliza S. Waters Research Administrative Specialist Office of Sustainability
Gary M. Young Environment, Health & Safety Specialist II Environment, Health & Safety


Congratulations to these recently promoted FP&M employees:

Name Position Department
Jeffrey Lee Bagley Terrazzo and Tile Setter Physical Plant
Nicholas Sidney Brechtl Painter Physical Plant
Alexander J. Frank Inst Policy Analyst II (Inst) Office of Sustainability
Kevin S. Fredendall Plasterer Physical Plant
Samrawit G. Geberehiwet Booth Attendant Transportation Services
Jason A. Larson Painter Physical Plant
Gavin Maurer Cartographer Physical Plant
Scott Allen Newton Parking Enforcement Supervisor Transportation Services
Daniel Raymond Spell Heat/Cool Plant Op In Charge Physical Plant
Jacy Whitehead Training and Organizational Development Manager Physical Plant



Join us in wishing the following FP&M employees the best in their retirements!

Name Position Department
Martin Guyett Custodian Physical Plant
Marcia Jimenez Custodian Physical Plant
Russell Whitehead Trades Supervisor Physical plant


Congratulations to all!