Physical Plant employees celebrate Years of Service milestones

FP&M Physical Plant employees were recently recognized for their years of service with the university.

“As we reflect on these major milestones of service, I continue to be impressed by the collective dedication and unwavering commitment each of these employees has shown to our team,” said Jim Bogan, Interim Executive Director of the Physical Plant. “Their hard work is the cornerstone of our success. Their expertise, creativity and enthusiasm have propelled us forward and have made a lasting impact on our division and organization. We thank them for being an integral part of this incredible team.”

Join us in celebrating these employees for their service with FP&M!

In recognition photos below, all employees are pictured with Jim Bogan, Physical Plant Interim Executive Director.

Celebrating 35 Years

From left: Joe Borish, Brian Diestler.

25 Years

From left: Jamie Neumaier, Todd Sitts.
From left: Luzbell Del Angel, Walter Schwenn, Charlie Ponti.

20 Years

From left: Mabel Olivera, Miguel A Nunez Jimenez.
From left: Don Falkos, Karma Bhutia, Jeff Calhoun, Harry Corcoran, Dan Davenport.

15 Years

From left: Rosa Perez, Steve Surrarrer, Irene Morales, Rafael De La Cruz, Jose Garzon.
From left: James Schneider, Dale Kraus, Eric Lane.
Rosalino Chavez.

10 Years

From left: Tim Kiley, Pete Cooley, Thanh-Phuong Le, Mitch Mumm, Russ Evans.
From left: K.C. Pradeep, Sor Yang, Yengphong Thao, Terry Peterson, Hector Guzman, Edimoss Lee, Sandie Bohne, Benito Monfil-Carballo, Todd Yaroch, Jeremy Lueck, Fonghoua Thao.

5 Years

From left: Casey Sullivan, Kevin Olinger, Matt Meyer, Ethan Carlson, Sue Hamann, Mark Christopherson, Dave Ottelien, Chad Holzhueter.
From left: Ryan Cox, Curt Bennett, Justin Wells, Senen Torlin, Olvin Maldonado, Kim Swenson, Jose Torres Torres.
Mingur Dorjee.