New hires, promotions and retirements

confetti falling in air on plain backgroundJoin in welcoming and congratulating the following employees who were hired, promoted, or retired in October 2023.

New Hires

Welcome, newly hired FP&M employees:

Name Position Department
Rebecca L. Baxter Facilities Technician I Physical Plant
Ethan M. Clark Horticulture/Forestry Specialist Physical Plant
Gabriel Corte Perez Custodian Physical Plant
Raymond Jason Cote Facilities Technician II Transportation Services
Ajay Dorn Construction Project Manager Physical Plant
James G. Hickey III Booth Attendant Transportation Services
Casey L. Huefner Sheet Metal Worker Physical Plant
Tanner Darrin Jeffries Environment, Health & Safety Specialist II Environment, Health & Safety
Sean M. Lindquist Facilities Technician I Physical Plant
Richard L. Millard Facilities Technician III Physical Plant
Martin J. Perry Facilities Technician I Physical Plant
Anthony Pichon Cuahutepitzi Custodian Physical Plant
Eric C. Ramsey Motor Vehicle Operator – Waste & Recycling Physical Plant
Benjamin Lloyd Ratliffe Arborist Physical Plant
Lailaini Reed Custodian Physical Plant
Elizabeth Rojas Reyes Custodian Physical Plant
Rueben Patrick Rosas Trades Supervisor Physical Plant
Shaddai Amor Legaspi Solidum Administrative Supervisor Transportation Services
Lee Adam Townsel Custodian Physical Plant


Congratulations to these recently promoted FP&M employees:

Name Position Department
Joe Anderson Floor Technician Physical Plant
Edward Corcoran Engineering Specialist Physical Plant
Birendra Darai Floor Technician Physical Plant
Francisco Favela Floor Technician Physical Plant
Matthew S. Harman Engineering Specialist Physical Plant
Jonathan David Hedgecock Trades Supervisor Physical Plant
Chad Michael Hellenbrand Engineering Specialist Physical Plant
Mark McQueen Engineering Specialist Physical Plant
Daniel James Stanford Engineering Specialist Physical Plant
Miranda Sve HR Associate Director Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor



Join us in wishing the following FP&M employees the best in their retirements!

Name Position Department
Clark Gustin Heat & Frost Insulator Physical Plant
Randy Hentschel Environment, Health & Safety Specialist Environment, Health
& Safety
Emily Lasavage Administrative Assistant II Physical Plant
Jeffrey Mautz Plumber Physical Plant


Congratulations to all!