Transition from Travel Incorporated to Fox World Travel

July 1, 2024, Universities of Wisconsin Administration will replace its required contracted vendor for individual travel, Travel Incorporated, with Fox World Travel. Employees traveling for work or booking travel for FP&M staff may wish to attend one of the UW Travel Open House events, which will discuss the transition of services to Fox World Travel.

Before the July 1, 2024 transition date, retrieve all Travel Incorporated invoices that are required to be filed with payment mechanisms or e-Reimbursements.

Travel Incorporated Invoice Retrieval InstructionsTravel Icon

To avoid additional fees, utilize any open ticket credits on file before the July 1, 2024 transition.

Travel Incorporated will support unused open ticket credits until Oct. 1, 2024 for an additional fee.

After Oct. 1, there will be no method to recover any funds to apply to a future flight. Review Open Ticket Guidance for assistance.

For more information, please reference the Universities of Wisconsin TravelWIse agency transition webpage or contact your FP&M Travel Coordinator.