Shout-outs – February 28, 2024

"FP&M EMPLOYEE Shout-Outs"

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Harry Studebaker

A huge round of applause for Harry Studebaker, whose support of the CHCS Plant’s Spruce-up Committee tasks has made a positive impact to our safety and training initiatives.

Committed to the 5S methodology, Harry’s dedication to organizing work areas and keeping them clean has minimized hazards, ensuring a safer environment for all employees. Harry, your dedication and positive attitude have made a lasting impact, and we’re incredibly grateful for all that you do!

– Margaret Murphy

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Logan Strander

Thank you for all the help you gave me on February 1st. I truly appreciated you being there to help me out!

– Sandy Hamer

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David Marburger

David M. You are a great colleague. I often reach out with any number of requests, related to setting up training, and you swiftly and kindly follow through. You deserve recognition!

– Jacy Whitehead

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Brandon Meyer

For going above and beyond for assisting on clearing snow with his tool cat above a parking garage for a parking enforcement officer who just had a shovel. Always keeping his area looking amazing no matter what the season is.

– Logan Strander

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Glazier, Finishing Shop

Shout-out to the Glazier, Finishing Shop! Thank you for helping us improve the look and feel of Room 2130 in Computer Sciences. Jennifer Finn, thank you for your efficient scheduling and timely communication.

Thank you for the care taken in removing and re-hanging a glass whiteboard and for patching the many imperfections on the office walls. Bob Ebert, the newly painted walls are beautiful. I know the office tenant will enjoy the space.

– Christine Congdon

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Campus Services

Thank you for all you do to make our buildings function and operate smoothly. I appreciate how quickly you reply to the requests I submit and your communication regarding scheduling.

And I greatly appreciate the crew that has arrived time and time again, to handle my requests and our building needs. They are prompt, communicative, friendly, and efficient. Last week’s move of shelving from Ingraham Hall to Computer Sciences was just another example. You are all appreciated.

– Christine Congdon

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AIM Team

Shout out to Matt Gracz and Chou Yang for the fantastic problem solving and support with getting our AssetWorks to work more efficiently for us. They have helped us utilize multiple modules to assist in scheduling, reporting, becoming more efficient and pulling specific data reports. They are always helpful and extremely knowledgeable about our needs and the ability to make things work for us. Thank you Matt and Chou!!

– Ryan Burt

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Lori Wilson

Shout out to Lori Wilson for being so helpful as we have rolled out our announcements for the Chancellor’s sustainability initiative and the Lakeshore Nature Preserve Frautschi Center. We have had significant media interest and she has been a major part of herding the cats and ensuring our messaging is accurate and timely!

– Nathan Jandl

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