Tuition Reimbursement Policy Issued

FP&M has updated the Tuition Reimbursement policy and the process for requesting reimbursement.

In order to request tuition reimbursement, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the UW-Madison Reimburesment Request for Career-Related Coursework or Training: docs/EmployeeCourseworkTrainingRequestForm.pdf. Be sure to include the fund/account to be charged.
  2.  Submit the form to your department director for approval and signature.
  3. The department director will forward this form to Deputy AVC Margaret Tennessen for review and
  4. Once the request has been reviewed and approved, the request is sent to Christy Plautz in FP&M
    Human Resources to confirm that the request complies with UW-Madison policy.

If you have questions, consult the Tuition Reimbursement Policy ( or contact Christy Plautz (