Platinum-Level Bicycle Friendly University

UW-Madison bicyclist riding on the road in bike lane near a road sign that contains a bicyclist symbol and "SHARE THE ROAD"

The UW is one of eight universities and colleges so honored by the League of American Bicyclists as part of its mission to create a “bicycle friendly America for everyone.”

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A Thank You Is in Order

On behalf of everyone at FP&M, we would like to thank the following individuals for making UW–Madison a Platinum Bicycle Friendly University.

UW–Madison Employees

Patrick Kass
Jim Bogan
Tanara Teal-Tate
Dar Ward
Chuck Strawser
Troy Ruland
Laura Peterson
Audrey Kratz
Rafael Aparicio
Rob Kennedy
Steven Tan
Kim Henderson
Tony Hansbro
Sue Thalacker
Betsy Bussan
Carolyn Wolff
Aaron Williams
Jonathan Bronk
Rhonda James
Gary Brown
“Top” Tantivivat
Matt Collins
Shaun Frey
Chris Velie
Mike Kinderman
Darrin Smith
Carolyn Bell
Mike Henry
Adam Rittel
Todd Duwe


Joe Keitel
Lazaro Garza
Craig Rhiner
Jerry Smith
Mike Clough
Ellen Agnew
Mike Schafer
Scott Fisher
Rick Bergmann
Brad Freitag
Ray Wahl
Kent Casey
Laura Wyatt
Adam Gundlach
Bryn Scriver
Alan Turnquist
Paul Broadhead
Tim Gloeckler
Mickey Francois
Doug Pollard
John Horn

Transportation Services Field Staff
Transportation Services Customer Service Staff
University Bicycle Resource Center Students

External Partners

India Viola (bicycle mechanics classes)
Ali Dwyer (bicycle mechanics classes)
Bicycle Federation bike corral staff
Yang Tao (City of Madison)
Tom Lynch (City of Madison)
Renee Callaway (City of Madison)
John Rider (City of Madison)