What Is EID?

What is EID?

Acronyms like “EID” are part of everyday work at the Division of Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M). Those who have worked at FP&M for a while may have heard of it. Newer employees may not have heard of EID at all.  So, what does “EID” mean? 

FP&M takes part in Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) initiative activities that support engagement, inclusion, and diversity at our workplace.  

But what does this mean for FP&M employees? And why does EID matter? 

Welcomed, Valued, Included, and Heard

The Office of the VCFA asks each of its divisions to complete the biannual EID survey as part of its goal to make UW–Madison a great place to work. To achieve this goal, FP&M works diligently to create a work community where every employee feels welcomed, valued, included, and heard.  

The division maintains activities and programs guided by EID Principles that help to recruit and retain the best and most diverse staff. 

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Representing You 

The FP&M EID team serves and represents FP&M employees and it is made up of individuals from each department. This team is made up of individuals from each department at FP&M and makes important decisions about the EID survey and other EID initiatives. Team members work with the EID Council to make sure to address matters that are important to FP&M employees. 

Be heard. Make a difference. 

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This year, all employees will have the opportunity to participate in the EID survey.  The survey asks the question “How are we doing?” and provides insights that help the workplace change for the better. 

illustration of survey on clipboard The survey will begin on February 17, 2020.

Look out for more EID information from the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, as well as from the FP&M EID team and leadership. 

Learn more about the FP&M EID team here. 

Want to know more about EID efforts?  

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