An Update on Furloughs for FP&M Employees

On April 29, Chancellor Blank announced UW-Madison’s budget and furlough program, which forms part of the university’s overall response to the financial downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This program applies in some way to all university employees, including campus leadership and FP&M leadership as well as faculty and staff across campus. How it applies to each FP&M employee depends on their position and the type of work they do within FP&M.

FP&M will be participating in the following aspects of the campus program.

  • Furlough Days. Many employees will be furloughed between three (3) days for people earning less than $50,000/year and six (6) days for people earning more than $150,000/year during the period of May 15, 2020 to October 31, 2020.

  • Work-Share Program. Some employees will be scheduled in a rotating work share. This will allow them to work some percentage of their normal full time work and collect unemployment and other federal benefits for the time they are not scheduled to work. Employees in the Work-Share program are not required to take furlough days.

  • Full Furlough. Some employees will be on furlough for 100 percent of their normally scheduled work and eligible to collect unemployment and other federal benefits. These employees may also be eligible for temporary reassignment in order to keep working during this period.

Employees will be notified at least seven days before their Work-Share or full furlough schedule takes effect.

For the full details and frequently asked questions about this program, visit the UW Office of Human Resources.

FP&M leaders are working to identify specific plans for how the campus program will be implemented in each of their areas. More specific information about how these programs will be available in the first two weeks of May.

Note: The UW COVID-19 leave program has been extended until May 15 in order to bridge the gap and provide support for employees on leave until this next phase of pandemic response begins.

Employees should continue to work their currently assigned work schedule, unless they are notified directly by their supervisor or FP&M Human Resources.