Shout-Outs—April 23, 2020





Circumstances change quickly these days. This is the time when the employees at FP&M shine. Here are some shout outs to those who have been going above and beyond.

Troy Ruland

Shout-out for Troy Ruland, from your fellow Transportation Services employees

Handwritten note that reads "Thanks to Troy Ruland for keeping us entertained with games and quizzes to keep us sharp on our parking facility game! Brings some sparks of joy to the day-to-day grind. THANKS!

Steve Heitz and Perry Jones

Shout-out to Steve Heitz and Perry Jones for their work in supporting Lakeshore Nature Preserve services. They quickly replaced vandalized toilet paper dispensers which has allowed us the ability to keep restrooms open for the visiting public.

– Bryn Scriver

Fleet and Service Garage

Shout-Out to Greg Pibal, Sean Kypreos, Jay Bozart, Mac Beyer, Justin Colbeck, Rob Williams, and Steve Oanes! They’ve been working tirelessly to keep vehicles used by essential personnel in working order. Thanks for all you’ve been doing!

– Matt Winchell 

Transportation Services – Field Services Maintenance Team

Shout-out to the FIeld Services Maintenance Team for hustling hard to keep parking areas clen and safe for essential eployees coming to campus! THANK YOU!!

Shout-out to Transporation Services’ Field Services maintenance crew for hustling hard to keep parking areas clean and safe for essential employees coming to work!

– Carolyn Wolff 


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