WFH Photos – April 2, 2020

FP&M telecommuters tell tales of this interesting new circumstance, with a glimpse into their work-from-home/telecommuting situations.

Your Daily Cuteness

 Sugar Bear

– submitted by Supervisor Melissa Lueptow, Physical Plant



Gaming Rig turned Telecommuting Machine

“Here’s my current set up – this is my main gaming rig, turned into a telecommuting workhorse (and yes, that’s 6 monitors connected to one computer 😊)”

– Steven Tan, PARCS IT Analyst, Transportation Services



New Purchasing Assistant

Karma’s blue eye reflects red. She wants to know if she can be paid in tuna, and can we please have it direct deposited. 

-Dave Teske, Business Operations & Purchasing


Double monitors – the Working From Home version

A beautiful Spring Day


– Pam Zander, OAVC



Gary’s View

Gary Brown, FP&D

Helpful Coworker



– Cinthya Canicoba, OAVC



I am not sure how this can be comfortable but she sure is a fantastic work buddy.

– Allison Bua-Demus, OAVC


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