Shout-Outs – April 2, 2020

Circumstances change quickly these days. As it turns out, this is the time when the exceptional folks of FP&M shine.

Thank you to all FP&M employees for their efforts during the COVID-19 response.

Here are some shout outs to those who have been going above and beyond.


FP&M 2nd & 3rd Shift Custodial

I would like to send the biggest shout for all members of 2nd and 3rd shift Custodial staff, who on extremely short notice and very difficult times, stepped up yet again, this time assisting the Housing Dept. Much respect to you ALL!! – Johnny Lohrentz

Todd Yanke

Shout out to Todd Yanke at EH&S for maintaining waste unit & extra office responsibilities while others are telecommuting.  – Jake Stottler

SMO Video Data Collection Team

Shout-out to the SMO Video Data Collection Team.  – Donovan Kron

See Video shout-out.

All Essential Employees

Shout-out to all essential employees: we appreciate you.
– Allison Bua-Demus

Carolyn Wolff, Sue Thalacker

Shout out to Carolyn Wolff and Sue Thalacker of Transportation Services for their cohesive teamwork and relentless dedication during the first weeks of COVID-19. They have been steadfast in updating key information and responding to our customers. – Peter Armstrong

BSC Certification Program team

Shout out to Tony McGrath and the Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) Certification Program for facilitating the loan of BSCs to Exact Sciences to expand COVID-19 testing capacity! – Andrea Ladd

Kathy Krasny 

Shout-out to Kathy Krasny (Biosafety, EH&S) for providing guidance and training to UWPD for UV-decontamination of their equipment. – Andrea Ladd

Joe Hertel

Joe Hertel, Biosafety Cabinet Certification Program, Environment, Health and Safety Department. Joe certifies and repairs biological safety cabinets and other related lab research equipment

I’d like to give a BIG shout out to Joe Hertel.  Joe has gone Above and Beyond for all his hard work and dedication during the coronavirus outbreak. Joe works with the Biosafety Cabinet Certification Program in the Environment, Health and Safety Department to certify and repair biological safety cabinets and other related lab research equipment.

The University is partnering with some private companies by lending the companies equipment needed to process coronavirus samples, to help increase the number of labs able to process these samples during the pandemic. Before the University could lend Exact Sciences biological safety cabinets to use for processing coronavirus samples, these units had to be surface decontaminated and wrapped for moving at multiple buildings on campus. After the biological safety cabinets were moved to Exact Sciences, Joe had to go to Exact Sciences to certify these units met national standards the way they were set up, before Exact Sciences staff could use them.

I want to recognize Joe for all his hard work and commitment to getting twelve biological safety cabinets surface decontaminated, wrapped, and certified so Exact Sciences can get up and running for COVID-19 research. Joe worked very hard and always kept up a dedicated, professional, helpful attitude that gave a great impression of our unit to both the University departments lending their biological safety cabinets, and to Exact Sciences.  – Tony McGrath

Brad Bauman 

Shout Out #1 to Brad

Shout out to Brad Bauman who has been doing yeoman’s work at the EOC on the Logistics team, sourcing and securing critically needed PPE for UW for weeks now! Thanks so much Brad. This would also include Eric Alborn from DOIT and Hartley Murray from UW Business Services who have been in and out of the EOC, supporting this critical task for UW. – Kris Ackerbauer, Margaret Tennessen

Shout-Out #2 to Brad 

Not only has he been working diligently and putting in excessive hours working on EOC but he is also helping to coordinate the BOP purchasing team to work remote and quickly take a very paper intensive work environment and develop electronic business processes and workflow. – Dawn Ness



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