Shout-Outs – July 21, 2021



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Dave & Sean – Truck Services

Shout out to Sean and Dave in Truck Services for coordinating an urgent pick up of parts to get a building A/C back up and running. They literally had to drop what they were doing and make a run to Pewaukee and Madison to pick up the parts. I really appreciate the service and assistance from the Truck Services team! They are always helpful!

-Kim Corcoran

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Karen Demick, Donovan Kron, Johnny Lohrentz, John P. Anderson, Lauren Hawley and Louise Meske

Thank you all for your service in making the Recognition Awards possible. . .   Appreciate the consideration and care you demonstrated, in addition to the important work you are performing as part of the UW-Madison team! Thank you!

-Laura Wyatt

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Plumbing Shop

Shout-out to the Plumbing Shop for their quick action in replacing the broken water heater at 30 N. Mills. The occupants are very happy to have hot water again!!

-Margaret Tennessen

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Gregory Sarnow

Carpenter Gregory Sarnow is recognized for his help fixing a door closer in Engineering Hall. The customer is very happy with the results and thanks you for your great work!

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Thomas Weber

Electrician Lead Thomas Weber is acknowledged for the incredible job he did when an error message appeared on the alarm panel in Memorial Library. The customer complimented Tom on being very helpful throughout the project, keeping in touch, calling in others as necessary, and monitoring the situation. Thank you for your outstanding work, Tom!

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Custodial Crew 344

Thank you to Custodial Crew 344 for their great work cleaning the floors in the Stock Pavilion and the Animal Science Building. The customers were very please with the results. Keep up the great work everyone!

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Robert Pillath

Special thanks to elevator constructor Robert Pillath in the Electric Shop who helped safely evacuate a woman who was stuck in an elevator on campus. Thank you not only for your expertise, but for going above and beyond making sure the person in need felt at ease about the stressful situation. Great work, Robert!

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Special thanks to Grounds for their tremendous work on Bascom Hill. “Bascom Hill looks beautiful! I’ve worked on this hill since 2008 and I don’t know that it’s ever looked this good!” Keep up the great work everyone!

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Shinar Heider and Todd Lewellin

Shinar Heider and Todd Lewellin from the Electric Shop are recognized for their great job repairing a critical piece of research lab equipment. After a major flood in the basement of the Engineering Centers Building, the building was experiencing many electrical issues. Thankfully, Shinar and Todd have been able to also help with machine hookups and new light installations. “I am glad that UW has such outstanding service employees. They are very essential to our success.” Excellent work, Shinar and Todd!

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Jon Lourigan

Kudos to Jon Lourigan for his help working on a plotter. Jon was complimented on his professionalism and willingness to help even though his work load was very busy. Thank you for all your help, Jon!

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Derick Babler and Dale Kraus

Derick Babler and Dale Kraus with the Digital Controls shop are recognized for going above and beyond when handling a decontamination in the School of Veterinary Medicine. This type of decontamination on an aging facility is no easy task. The immense preparation, setup, and communication led to ideal results. The customer appreciates you adapting to their schedule for this critical work to be performed on time!

The 2021 Employee Recognition Awards premiere today!

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