Shout-outs – January 17, 2024

See shout-outs for All Who Clear Snow and Ice; Transportation Services; FP&M staff who clear paths; Pat Grubb, Lorraine Schwager, Craig Mayer, Brett Moyer, Paige Taft, Nik Nakev, Kai Olsen, Jenna Suhr; Matt Lundgren; Scott Braaten and Curt Nowlen; Shane Sundby; Grounds Crew; Ron Bierman; Bob Phillips, Lance Stuntebeck, Jesse Goplin and Cam Radewan; A/V Management; FP&M Custodians, Grounds, and other staff

Shout-Outs – September 27, 2023

See shout-outs for Scott Hewitt and Campus Services Lighting Crew; Crew at Grounds and Finishing Trades; and those who helped make the Truman Lowe sculpture installation and dedication possible — Aaron Williams, Daniel Einstein, Ellen Agnew, Bob Scott, Scott Fischer, Tanara Teal-Tate, Jacob (Jake) Wischmeier, Antoine (Tony) Hansbro, David [Dave] Johnson, La’Creacia Thompson , Jim Bogan, Brad Schenkel, David Berland, Mike Tracy, Jared Martin, Nick Dorsey, Steve Walls, Molly Lenz, Lexie Baslington, Nora Bergstrom…

Shout-Outs – September 14, 2023

See shout-outs for: Roger Parr; Andy Behrend; Dan Volk; Ken Stonefish; Matt Alexander, Derek Dombrowski, Patrick Wodzinski, William Huang, Donovan Kron, and Ben Peters; Heating and Cooling Plant Staff; Don Falkos and the Lock shop Team; Crew 344; Luis Del Angel; Brad Schenkel and his team; Eric Luedeman and Steve Dumas; Todd Yaroch; Campus Services Movers Craig Mlsna, Jim Edgington, Marty Scharrer and Jared Martin; Grounds; and the team who worked on the Pyle Center’s new International Services space