Shout-Outs – August 18, 2021



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.


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Karl Trawicki, Clyde Kaikuaana and Clay Eckstein

“We don’t thank you enough for the good service and care you take of us and the Law building but that doesn’t mean we’re not singing your praises to others. As always, thank you so much!”

Vicky Coulter

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Brad Schenkel and Campus Services

The COVID signage team would like to give a huge shout-out to Brad Schenkel and the entire Campus Services team. They have quickly and efficiently posted, removed, and then replaced exterior door signage each time campus COVID protocols and requirements have changed during the pandemic. They play a critical role in making sure that anyone entering a campus building is aware of the latest public health protocols, which helps make everyone safer.

Steve Wagner

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Monte Haufle, Dennis Becker, Ash Sadek, Jeff Walter, Todd Kiley, Kristen Selchow, David Pitzner, Aaron Agnew, and Matt Harman

Kudos to Monte Haufle, Dennis Becker, Ash Sadek, Jeff Walter, Todd Kiley, Kristin Selchow, David Pitzner, Aaron Agnew, and Matt Harman for their work on a classroom in the Social Science Building. The Anthropology Department appreciates your work and are looking forward to using the space more this fall. Your flexibility during the extended COVID restrictions was a huge help! Outstanding work everyone!

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Karl Trawicki

Special thanks to Steamfitter Karl Trawicki who helped the Law Library get cold air to the Rare Book Room during a chilled water outage. Your care of their building and materials was greatly appreciated!

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Richard Ness

Thank you to our campus pest and wildlife control specialist Richard Ness for his excellent job solving a concern regarding an influx of wasps on Bascom Hill. Richard was able to identify the species of wasps and inform the concerned staff that the wasps are not harmful. We appreciate your great knowledge of your work that helped put the worried staff at ease, Richard.

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Craig Mlsna, James Edgington, and Omar Lara

Craig Mlsna, James Edgington, and Omar Lara from Campus Services are recognized for their great job moving boxes between offices at Science Hall. The customer described you as “pleasant, helpful, and efficient”. Excellent work, Craig, James, and Omar!

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Clay Eckstein

Painter Clay Eckstein is acknowledged for the incredible job he did painting an office in Bascom Hall. “He always does such fabulous work and the accent wall in this office was no exception! .. The result is better than we could have hoped! Thanks to Clay for the excellent paint work.”

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Russ Fried and Jason Kauffold

Special thanks to Russ Fried and Jason Kauffold with Custodial Crew 345 for their quick response when the fire alarms went off at the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research late at night. They immediately evacuated their crew from the building and were able to assist the UWPD when they arrived. Your speedy response helped avoid a potentially dangerous situation!


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