Shout-Outs – July 19, 2023

See shout-outs and kudos to those who received a quick “thank-you” recently.

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Curt Bennett

Shouting out to Curt Bennett, Lead worker- Custodial Crew 332.

Thank you for taking the initiative to make classroom floors in Humanities shine.

I appreciate your going above and beyond to document your great work and know it makes a difference for the students who study in that space.

– Donovan Kron

Dirty Classroom Floors
Clean Classroom Floors

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Andy Sharp

The Charter Street Heating Plant had a critical piece of equipment fail. When contacting the vendor for coordinating the emergency repair, we found that they had outstanding invoices for other UW Departments. The vendor wished the invoices to be settled before allowing a technician on site.

Andy Sharp’s quick action was able to facilitate the vendor and the departments in settling the invoices. This allowed us to get the vendor on site the same day to work on the equipment repair. We appreciate Andy’s understanding of urgency and willingness to help with our vendor relations.

– The UW Heating Plant Management Team 

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