Travel & expense reimbursement updates: training, driver authorization, and cost comparison requirements

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Do you travel, incur expenses or approve expenses at FP&M? See updates and helpful tips from the Business Office at FP&M Finance!

New Training Opportunity

Employees who travel, incur expenses or approve expenses via various payment mechanisms at UW-Madison (Purchasing Card, Corporate Card, Expense Reimbursement) can access an additional resource. A new 60-minute online training via Canvas covers topics such as:

  • travel policies and procedures
  • allowable expenses
  • other important considerations related to travel and expenses

Learn more and register for the UW-Madison Travel Policy Training.


car steering wheel line iconDriver Authorization

Please make sure that you are an authorized driver before traveling.

You will not be reimbursed driving related expenses (mileage, car rentals, parking fees, etc.) and drivers that aren’t authorized expose themselves to potential personal liability.

plan icon flying to the rightCost Comparison Requirements

  • Cost Comparison Guidance — Adding Personal Travel or Preferences to a Work Trip: to ensure prudent use of travel funds, the University cannot pay or reimburse any additional costs resulting from traveler preferences. A cost comparison is required at the time of booking in the following circumstances:
    • Travel prior to or after the required business travel dates.
    • Using transportation methods that are not the most efficient or cost-effective (i.e. electing to drive/take a train versus fly when flying would be the most efficient and cost-effective option)
    • Electing to take a travel companion(s) along on business trips.
      Travelers must consider potential extra costs for transportation, lodging, meals, tolls, parking, etc

Find examples in the Cost Comparison Guidance.

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