Shout-Outs – October 11, 2023

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Occupational Medicine

Holy cow, been a busy start to the year for Occupational Medicine. Just wanted to say how proud it is to be part of a great team that can change daily duties if need be and still perform incredible patient care. Thank you all for your tenacity, efficiency and team work!

– Patty Perdzock-Haas

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Transportation Services Customer Service Team

A well earned shout-out to the hard working Customer Service team at Transportation Services for a successful permit season! Ben, Janel, Ji Young, John, Kelley, Lee, Rosa, and Sandy, every one of you worked hard and helped each other out when we needed it most. Thank you!

– Jeremy Beloungy

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Kayla Ruplinger-McConville

Shout-Out to Kayla Ruplinger-McConville for taking the time to make a “House Call” to Campus Services in order to assist the staff with signing up for “Invest in Success” training.

– Bradley Schenkel

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person wearing red sweatshirt and ballcap stands and points in front of red Bucky Badger sign design that has a big red heart behind Bucky as another person in a green t-shirt kneels to work at leftScott Fischer, Bradley Schenkel, Jennifer Kolste, Jonathan Bronk, Ellen Agnew, Jim Bogan

Big thank you to Scott Fischer, Bradley Schenkel and Jennifer Kolste for their help in installing the “Bucky Post Card” for the 175th Anniversary and Homecoming! It was a quick, creative, collaborative, and successful solution-thank you! Thanks also to Jonathan Bronk for the poster approval, and to Jim Bogan and Ellen Agnew for guidance. The Chancellor’s Office thanks you!

– Lindsey Honeyager


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