Shout-outs – December 20, 2023

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Jennifer Finn

I’d like to send a shout out to Jennifer Finn for making and hosting a Jeopardy game for our department. It has been so much fun to participate and learn more about our fellow co-workers. Great team building Jenn!

– Patrick Grubb

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Mike O’Malley and Nick Motl

Thank you to Mike O’Malley and Nick Motl for repairing the HVAC in the Physical Plant Customer Service Office. It was quite chilly in here and your speedy response was appreciated.

– Nick Gullick

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Corry Signorile and Perry Keyser

A huge thank you to Corry Signorile (maintenance mechanic) and Perry Keyser (steamfitter) for their quick work troubleshooting and fixing a room where our students were taking exams. The room was 59 degrees at the end of one exam day and fixed and comfortable again before the next exam the next morning. Great work, guys!

– Vicky Coulter

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Roger Timler

The folks in 216 Ag Hall are very happy with the job Roger Timler did hanging their pictures – all different sizes and he was working in a crowded space.

– Pamela Thompson

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Tom Weber

A big thank you to Tom Weber! You solved our automatic blind issue in less than 24 hours (an issue for more than 2 years)! Thank you for listening, diagnosing, and investigating the problem, and for your follow-up! You are a rock star!

– Julie Hyland

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Jennifer Finn, Nick Brechtl, Matt Lundgren, Mason Miles, Tom Perrett, Johnny Meyer, Tim Cheung

THANK YOU for being awesome communicators and getting started on this (Work done in Bascom room 57) so quickly! Truly appreciate you and wish you all the best this holiday!!!!! 😀

– Brett Moyer

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