Shout-outs – January 17, 2024

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archway of door with snow on ground outside but cleared at door stoop


All Who Clear Snow and Ice

Shout out to everyone who helps with clearing snow and ice. After two major storms, campus is in great shape on January 13, 2024. Thank you!

– Robert Cramer


icon: hands clappingTransportation Services

I wanted to send a big thank you to folks at UW-Madison Transportation Services for all the hard work you do! And a special shout out to La’Creacia Thompson, Lee Bilke, and Rosa Ring – you all have been so generous with your time and patient with my questions over the years, and I am always impressed by the quick turnaround you provide!

– Carol W.

icon: hands clappingFP&M

Many thanks to FP&M for clearing our paths for our employees and staff. Also as a mother of a student, I want you to know how much your work is appreciated. Thank you very much for keeping our campus beautiful and safe!

– Mehrnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh

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Matt Lundgren

Thank you for meeting with the occupants for the Winter Break work at the Education Building and Bascom Hall this week and answering their questions about prepping their spaces for painting. Everyone left for the holidays with peace of mind that their spaces were prepped and ready.

– Jennifer Finn

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Scott Braaten and Curt Nowlen

A heartfelt thank you to Scott Braaten and Curt Nowlen for the work they have done on the Law Building fire doors over the years. Scott’s communication ahead of time of their work to be done over break this year enabled us to make him aware of other work in the building that would impede his progress. He changed work plan and got all doors done quickly. Also, one of the gears broke on a door outside a classroom near an entrance this year as they were testing. Thanks to Curt’s forethought, a gear had already been made by machine shop several years ago and the replacement on the door was quickly installed by them. Great communication and preventive maintenance, gentlemen!

– Vicky Coulter

icon: hands clappingperson stands next to ladder and painted green wall near an EYE WASH station indoorsShane Sundby

Big thanks to Shane Sundby for the incredible work painting around the eyewash stations at the CSHC Plant! Your attention to detail has enhanced safety in our workplace. We are truly grateful for your hard work and commitment!

– Margaret Murphy



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Grounds Crew

Many thanks for a speedy thorough cleanup of the snow on our roads and sidewalks. You all do a great job and it does not go unnoticed!

– Lisa Walters

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Ron Bierman

Shout-out to Ron Bierman for quickly repairing the distilled water shut-off at Plant Sciences!

– Erik Duerr

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Bob Phillips, Lance Stuntebeck, Jesse Goplin and Cam Radewan

Shout out to Bob Phillips, Lance Stuntebeck, Jesse Goplin, and Cam Radewan for helping the Plumbing shop with two difficult jobs at Memorial Library and Computer Science. The Masons are always willing to go the extra mile for us. Thanks!

– Nate Dederich

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Pat Grubb, Lorraine Schwager, Craig Mayer, Brett Moyer, Paige Taft, Nik Nakev, Kai Olsen, Jenna Suhr

Thank you to all who participated and made the department Jeopardy game such a great success! Special thanks to Pat Grubb, Lorraine Schwager, Craig Mayer, Brett Moyer, Paige Taft, Nik Nakev, Kai Olsen, and Tom Tegart for submitting Catergories/Clues and to Jenna Suhr for creating “Question of the Day”. Again, thank you to all that played the game!

– Jennifer Finn

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A/V Management

I’ll be giving my first lecture ever in a couple of weeks, and today I went into the room I’ll be teaching in to practice recording the lecture.

I wanted to let you know what a seamless experience I had using the A/V system for the first time, and to thank you for the work you guys have done to make that possible! The tutorial was extremely helpful, showing me the specific things I needed to know and a few bells and whistles to tailor it to my needs as well. Furthermore, the recording it produces and sent to Kaltura was extremely professional, impressively fast, and easy to use. As a first-time lecturer, I have so many things to learn and worry about, so feeling confident at the previously daunting task of recording a lecture is SO helpful.

– Cameron Jones, Grad Student in the Dept. of Statistics

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FP&M Custodians, Grounds, and other staff

“Every year at first snow I’m reminded of the massive amount of work it takes to keep the sidewalks, stairways and crosswalks safe for our campus community. A huge shout out to the Custodians, Ground staff and Campus Services crews whose work ensures this campus excellence.”

– Paul Seitz, Director Strategic Initiatives Finance & Administration

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