Shout-outs – May 8, 2024

"FP&M EMPLOYEE Shout-Outs"

See shout-outs and kudos to those who received a quick “thank-you” recently.

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Abby Terzis

Shout-Out to Abby Terzis for creating a single spreadsheet that stores all shared documents and commonly used reference materials. This has contributed to increased efficiency for the customer service team.

– Transportation Services Customer Service Team

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Alicia Meyer

Shout-out to Alicia for keeping the FP&M training community engaged and involved in learning opportunities. Recently, Alicia has facilitated a number of learning opportunities help improve the quality of training being delivered at FP&M and UW. Thank you for helping us be better trainers, Alicia!

– Erin Plisch

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Jesse Decker

Big thanks to Jesse Decker! He responded to a student concern, allaying their fears with facts and context, while also making sure they were supported. He also kept a local partner in the loop, so they did not need to respond and/or escalate the situation. This excellent customer service and teamwork is A+.

– Lori Wilson

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Allison Bua-Demus

I want to express my deepest gratitude for Allison this year. FP&M has been such a great experience that I will never forget. Having the opportunity to publish work, meet so many incredible people and learn the inner workings of such a pivotal organization was a such a pleasure.

Working alongside Allison and the Marketing & Communications Team has been so amazing, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such talented individuals. Allison’s unwavering support, guidance and mentorship throughout my journey has been a huge part of my experience. Her leadership has not only helped me grow both personally and professionally but has also instilled in me a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering impactful work. Thank you!

– Hannah Rifkin

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Dani Smith, Patti New, Neil Schmidt, Bob Scott, Ellen Agnew

A big thank you to the Grounds Crew, especially Dani Smith, Patti New, Neil Schmidt and Bob Scott, as well as Director of Services Ellen Agnew, for hosting a greenhouse tour during the OAVC day on campus.

We all learned so much, had a wonderful time, and enjoyed getting to know you and your work better. Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to share your impressive knowledge and passion with us on a gorgeous day.

– Lori Wilson

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Bob Scott and Walter Schwenn

Thank you to Bob Scott and Walter Schwenn from the Grounds Department for taking the initiative and time to clean up the loading dock area at Russell Labs.

– Tim Lorenz

icon: hands clappingHarry Corcoran and Tucker Wilimovsky

Thank you to Steamfitters Harry Corcoran and Tucker Wilimovsky for all the excellent work you do for The National Magnetic Resonance Facility in Madison! Your care, expertise and communication on projects in or related to the facility are greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

– Jenna Suhr

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