Shout-Outs – September 14, 2023

See shout-outs for: Roger Parr; Andy Behrend; Dan Volk; Ken Stonefish; Matt Alexander, Derek Dombrowski, Patrick Wodzinski, William Huang, Donovan Kron, and Ben Peters; Heating and Cooling Plant Staff; Don Falkos and the Lock shop Team; Crew 344; Luis Del Angel; Brad Schenkel and his team; Eric Luedeman and Steve Dumas; Todd Yaroch; Campus Services Movers Craig Mlsna, Jim Edgington, Marty Scharrer and Jared Martin; Grounds; and the team who worked on the Pyle Center’s new International Services space

Shout-Outs – August 16, 2023

See shout-outs for Custodial Crew 105, Finishing Shop, Sierra Uy, Campus Services; Carpenters, Sheet Metal, Plumbers, Custodial, Electrical, Jesse Winters, PP Architects & Engineers (Cindy Mrozenski, David Pitzner, Jim Kraus, Kirstin Selchow), Project Delivery (Ken Stonefish & Kris Gunderson), Rob Shively & moving crews

Shout-Outs – March 15, 2023

See the shout-outs for Kim Rantanen-Day; Jamilette Perez-Albino; Custodial Crew handling 21 N. Park; Patrick Scott; Karen Demick; Tom Staskal; Grounds, Custodial and anyone else who fights the snow; Physical Plant and EH&S; Plumbing Shop (Eric Luedeman, Chad Hellenbrand, Pete Dahl, and others); and Andrew Powers, Paul Jasenski, Paul Trgovich, and Jeff Watson

Shout-Outs, January 18, 2023

See the Shout-outs for: Staff that cleared snow, Ji Young Yeo, Lynn Sadler, Select Agent AROs, OBS Managers, Ankit Rajbhandari, Sandy Hamer, Bill Minser, Jeff Selinske and Steve Nampel, Tony Ring; Customer Service, DDC, Maintenance Mechanics, and Steamfitter Shop staff; Monte Haufle, Tradespeople/Project Delivery/O&M/Facilities Management, Radiation Safety