Human Resources Updates

EMS, our space reservation system, now available for OAVC and FP&D at 21 N Park Street

The Event Management System (EMS) is now available for Office of the AVC and Facility Planning & Delivery staff to view and reserve work and meeting spaces at 21 N Park Street.

What spaces are included?

You can view and book FP&M and flexible (open to all occupants of the building)  work and meeting spaces that are in the FP&M suite on the north side of the sixth floor. More spaces will become available as we work out physical access to other parts of the building.

Who else can reserve these spaces?

For now, sixth floor north spaces can only be reserved by FP&M OAVC and FP&D employees, as well as International Faculty and Staff Services (IFSS) staff. More people will be able to reserve these spaces as we work out physical access for other FP&M staff and other units at 21 N. Park.

Does someone need to approve my reservations?

No. All the rooms available in this initial launch are self-serve. If a room is available, you can book it. You will receive an automatic confirmation email acknowledging your reservation.

Are all spaces fully set up?

No, but if you can see a room in EMS, it means it is functional and ready for use. Current room information is in EMS. See Reserving a Workspace or Room in the EMS for how to view room details. Additional features and technology will be added to some rooms over time.


  • Each space that is available for you to reserve will have an FP&M or UW logo on the sign. To check the space’s availability, go to or scan the QR code on the sign.
  • Remember to cancel your reservation if you no longer need it
  • Keep these shared spaces clean and clutter free. Please wipe work surfaces when you check in and out, and make sure you remove all of your belongings.
  • If you need assistance, please contact Molly Lenz.

Thank you for remaining flexible as our work models, spaces and technology evolves!

The Relocation Team

Help, it’s noisy!

As construction continues at 30 North Mills, here are some reminders on how you can avoid the noise:

  • Work off-site. Please coordinate with your supervisor on your schedule and if a remote work agreement is needed.
  • Use a hotel space on the sixth floor of 21 North Park. Check out the floor plan to find unassigned spaces. Until EMS is up and running, unassigned workspaces are first come, first serve. If you need a meeting space, please see the floor plan with shared amenities. Want more details on 21 North Park? Check out What can I expect when moving to 21 North Park?.

Check out 21 North Park

All HR employees should have access to the suites on sixth floor (home of the OAVC Admin, Finance and Communications and Marketing; FP&D; and Office of Sustainability). If you do not, please contact Janine Glaeser.

You can also read up on what your OAVC colleagues have been up to on their page.

HR floor plans online

As the third floor’s residents evolve, it can be hard to keep track of who is where. New floor plans are available online to help you navigate the changes:

I’m on campus. Where can I work?

Although most of Human Resources’ office space is available during construction, the third floor will look different soon. Moving, consolidation and construction may mean you’ll be looking for a different spot to work when you are on campus.

Thanks to the purging, packing and consolidating of our colleagues, there are many additional workspaces available for on campus work. On the fourth floor of 30 East Campus Mall, you’ll find a variety of workspaces available. In addition to the regularly reserved conference rooms, there are workspaces available throughout the floor.

While the workspace reservation system is in the works, there is not a formal way to reserve a workspace. Instead, when you arrive on campus, you can sit in any of the unoccupied workstations. During this transition time, the workspaces’ setup vary. Some have a dock and two monitors, while others are more suited for a quick check of email. So far, there have been many more workstations available than needed, so you should be able to find a space that suits your needs.

You can check out all of the available spaces on the hoteling map, but because the move is dynamic, make sure you also look for the Holiday Inn signage when you arrive!

September 20 Update:

Are you curious about where some of your colleagues will be after they move? A sneak peek of the floorplans for 21 North Park is available. Read the post between packing and purging.

August 26 Update:

Human Resources employees,

With packing and condensing your area underway, we wanted to update you on the FP&M relocations and what you can expect next.

First, thank you for your cooperation in the first steps of this complicated process. The series of moves we are undertaking will require patience and flexibility across the division, and we recognize that in a time of a great deal of change for FP&M, the university, and each of us, adjusting to different work situations can be stressful.

Due to the interconnected nature of these moves, each step’s schedule is dynamic. With that in mind, we will keep you informed on overall progress, what’s next for your unit, and steps we’ll be asking you to take. We’ll also be reaching out with opportunities to hear more and provide your feedback. In the meantime, here are a few updates:

What’s next?

As you are aware, the third floor of 30 North Mills Street will undergo construction this fall. Although Human Resources is not moving, your department’s footprint will adjust to accommodate relocations. You will be able to use your space during construction, which will begin November 1. We are also working on contingency plans in case construction becomes too disruptive. In the meantime, please continue to pack and purge and work in your current workspace and modality.  

If you have questions about packing and purging, please reach out to your move coordinators, Kayla Ruplinger or Tricia Meinholz.

As you can tell, the schedule remains fluid and is affected by many factors. We plan to share regular updates with you and will give you as much notice as possible when action is required. You can also check the FP&M Relocation Hub for news and resources.

Thank you,

Brent Lloyd
Director of Space Management

Department Move Coordinators

Kayla Ruplinger
(608) 265-4058

Tricia Meinholz
(608) 265-8096