21 North Park floor plans available

floor plan of seventh floor with FP&M, RSP and IFSS highlighted in different colors. As the future inhabitants of 21 North Park are busy packing and purging for their next step in the relocation process, the general floor plans for 21 North Park are available to give you a better idea of where you can find different FP&M departments. (Note all floor plan links are large PDFs that you may want to view on a tablet or larger):

    • Seventh floor, where Environment, Health & Safety will be located, along with the Division of Continuing Studies.
    • Sixth floor, which will house FP&M’s Facility Planning & Delivery, Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor, and the Office of Sustainability, as well as Research and Sponsored Programs and International Faculty and Staff Services.
    • Fifth floor that is home to the UW’s Office of Human Resources (not FP&M’s HR, which will remain at 30 North Mills) and Division of Business Services.
    • Additionally, all floors include flexible space, shared conference rooms and shared huddle rooms. (For a refresher on these terms, check out the relocation lingo.)

Thank you for your hard work packing, purging and getting ready to consolidate, hotel and/or move. If you have any questions, please reach out to your DMC or submit a question online.