Physical Plant: Campus and Custodial Services Relocations

Physical Plant Floor Plans Posted

Temporary and permanent floor plans for Campus and Custodial Services are now available! Whether you are trying to find your way around 30 East Campus Mall or wondering what the long-term plans are for 45 North Charter, you can check out the available floor plans:

  • Temporary (also called “swing space”) floor plans for the second floor of 30 East Campus Mall (current home of Campus Services and Custodial Services) are posted.
  • Long-term plans for the basement (future home of Custodial and Campus Services) and first floor of 45 North Charter are now available.
  • You can also find floor plans for 30 East Campus Mall and 30 North Mills, as well as 21 North Park.

September 23 Update:

The move is on! Campus Services and Custodial Services are scheduled to move Friday, October 1. Check back for details on plans and to-do lists. In the meantime, you can take a look at the floorplans for your new home: second floor of 30 East Campus Mall.

September 20 Update:

Are you curious about where some of your colleagues will be after they move? A sneak peek of the floorplans for 21 North Park is available. Read the post to learn more. More floorplans coming soon!

August 26 Update:

Physical Plant employees,

With packing and condensing your area underway, we wanted to update you on the FP&M relocations and what you can expect next.

First, thank you for your cooperation in the first steps of this complicated process. The series of moves we are undertaking will require patience and flexibility across the division, and we recognize that in a time of a great deal of change for FP&M, the university, and each of us, adjusting to different work situations can be stressful.

Due to the interconnected nature of these moves, each step’s schedule is dynamic. With that in mind, we will keep you informed on overall progress, what’s next for your unit, and steps we’ll be asking you to take. We’ll also be reaching out with opportunities to hear more and provide your feedback. 

As you can tell, the schedule remains fluid and is affected by many factors. We plan to share regular updates with you and will give you as much notice as possible when action is required. Check back on the FP&M Relocation Hub soon for news and resources.

Department Move Coordinator

Department Move Coordinators

Campus Services

Bradley Schenkel
(608) 265-5293

Custodial Services

Steve Heitz
(608) 263-3082