Shout-Outs—May 14, 2020




Circumstances change quickly these days. This is the time when the employees at FP&M shine. Here are some shout outs to those who have been going above and beyond.

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“Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make the FP&M Late Night Employee Information sessions a big success! From the Custodial Services and Waste & Recycling Supervisors who gathered current employee contact information and promoted the events to Cultural & Linguistic Services and the FP&M Human Resources team who planned and hosted the programs, it was no small task to pull off virtual meetings for hundreds of participants. During this period of uncertainty and concern, your commitment to supporting FP&M’s frontline workers is deeply appreciated.”

– Alan Fish & Margaret Tennessen

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Kurt Kellesvig, EHS

Shout out to Kurt for managing radioactive materials deliveries in April so I could work from home for the month.

Elizabeth Oseid

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Sean McCulley

Sending a shout out to Sean McCulley! Sean has been handling daily cleaning of Hospital parking facilities on his own since Mid March. He is coming in daily to sanitize all staircases, doors, and elevators in Lot 75 and Lot 76! Good Job Sean!

Troy Ruland

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Grounds Tree Crew

Shout-out to Ross Boelk, Andy Thurlow, and Jennifer Kolste!


THANKS Grounds tree crew; Jennifer Kolste (Tree and Shrub Supervisor), Ross Boelk, and Andy Thurlow for removing a significant tree hazard from Eagle Heights Woods. A huge branch (widow maker) hanging over a trail which could easily fall at any time.

-Signed by Preserve Staff


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Before a recent OAVC department meeting, staff took a moment to give a “shout out” to someone that has done great work in these challenging times

  • Everyone – leadership, HR, Trades, all supervisors, and employees. All of this would not be possible without the cooperation of everyone involved and affected by this pandemic.
  • Sue Fritts for her amazing energy, positivism and sense of humor. You are the best!
  • Too hard to pick just one! The entire OAVC team has really stepped up to adapt our service delivery model during this time. From Human Resources and Finance & Business Operations to Communications & Marketing and general support, everyone has done an amazing job to respond to the current challenge. I am enormously proud of the work you do every day.
  • I think UWM leadership has done a fantastic job with communicating to its employees and keeping us up to date on any changes. Nobody likes to hear about furloughs but I think the way they handled the structure and roll-out of the plan has been fair and transparent.
  • Doctors, nurses and all health care workers deserve great appreciation during this time.
  • Everyone in HR! Everyone has been kicking butt. 🙂
  • Sierra Uy is our newest Financial Specialist, and she’s doing an excellent job. She’s taken on additional duties and is doing a great job keeping up with a challenging workload.
  • Brad Bauman took over as FP&M’s Interim Purchasing Supervisor on 3/1/2020. Shortly thereafter, due to COVID-19, Brad was called upon by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on campus, which required a significant amount of time away from the day-to-day purchasing operations. On 3/16/2020, all BOP staff were sent home to work remotely, yet he has kept everything together and rolling for FP&M.
  • Dawn continues to provide support and provide instruction related to new tasks. (To be honest, I don’t know how she’s managing it all.)
  • To the BOP team: For continuing to stick together and help each other out when we need help on different tasks!
  • Jill Koeller started two weeks before telecommuting and has done a great job learning her role while working from home. We are very glad she is on our team!
  • Shout out to everyone who’s just making things happen—from people who had to quickly switch processes in their work (like going paperless) … to people who are working while managing childcare, educating their kid, or caring for someone who’s sick, without missing a beat. I am sort of in awe of you all.
  • To leadership and supervisors who respond with grace in strange times and make employee welfare their top priority through moments of great concern, uncertainty or pressure – thank you.
  • Shout out to everyone. Everyone has been affected some way shape or form.
  • Caroline Benforado has been of immense help.
  • I’d give a shout-out to anyone who is telecommuting and has young children.
  • Giving a shout out to Allison Bua-Demus. For keeping the weekly all employee newsletter going during this time with many changes that happen each week. And more importantly having the positive and flexible outlook that helps give a sense of humor to our situation
  • Jill Koeller has done an excellent job getting settled in her new position despite the unusual circumstances. She is a quick learner and an excellent contributor.
  • Dawn, Kathy Bear and Sierra Yu.

-OAVC Employees


Are there employees from your unit that have not been recognized? Send a shout-out of your own! Submit it (with photo or video message, if available) to be featured on Inside FP&M and in an upcoming Employee Newsletter.