Shout-Outs—June 18, 2020




Circumstances change quickly these days. This is the time when the employees at FP&M shine. Here are some shout-outs and kudos to those who have been going above and beyond.

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Edward Corcoran


Shout-out to Edward Corcoran and team. Ed, you and your team are responding so well in restoring service to all these buildings. I looked at several hookups yesterday and they are complicated. Your hard work and creative problem solving are greatly appreciated by all!


There was recently a large chilled water line break (caused by a contractor working on Linden St.) that continues to affect a number of campus buildings and required that we install a number of temporary chillers to keep those buildings cool while the pipe is being repaired.

– Alan Fish

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The movers (FRW-ADV Craig Misna and FRW Jim Edgington) had a work order to transport a bed from Brittingham House to the Cross residence. Miriam Cross called Michelle at the Brittingham house and let her know that the Movers were so incredibly nice, polite and helpful… These guys continue to make us proud.

– Bradley Schenkel

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FP&M Staff


“Josh with the EOC expressed appreciation and a shout out to FP&M staff for the work we have been (and are) doing in assisting in the startup procedures for campus. Please forward to those who have been working diligently in the startup process and need to be thanked.”

– Michael Peña



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FP&M Supervisors, Staff


Kudos to all of our supervisors who have been spending time assisting staff with unemployment claim applications and follow-up actions on the DWD website. This assistance has been a huge help for us in HR and an even bigger benefit for our employees. Thank you supervisors! I also want to thank all staff for being so patient. We are experiencing constant change and the patience and resilience of all FP&M staff has been greatly appreciated!

– Sue Fritts


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A BIG SHOUT-OUT to Ray Wahl and the FP&M Glazier shop for the outstanding job they did installing the plexi-glass at all of our offices and booths for UW Transportation Services… WAY TO GO!!!

– Rafael Aparicio


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Patty Perdzock-Haas and Maddie Wojciuk


Shout out to the EOH/Occ Med team. Patty and Maddie, in particular, really help make a fun environment to work in, and even made face-coverings for my family.

– Jennifer Kobesko


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Louise Meske


Louise Meske serves in the Biosafety unit at EH&S. I asked her recently to assist several principal investigators in sorting out a complex research and personnel change covering several biosafety protocols with a tight deadline. She personally connected with the investigators and worked to make the process the least amount of work for our already busy research community. Thank you Louise for your attention to the research needs on campus and for your customer service!

– Stephanie G. Kutz


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Isaac Knoflicek


Shout out to Isaac Knoflicek, Assistant Director, Technology for Transportation Services, for taking charge of the refund process. We are all grateful for your leadership!

– Peter J. Armstrong


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Steve Heitz, Brad Bauman


I’d like to give a shout out to Steve Heitz and Brad Bauman for all of their hard work sourcing the much-needed disinfectants and hand sanitizers and all the equipment and supplies to distribute it!

– Kris Ackerbauer


Are there employees from your unit that have not been recognized? Send a shout-out of your own! Submit it (with photo or video message, if available) to be featured on Inside FP&M and in an upcoming Employee Newsletter.