Shout-Outs–October 8, 2020

See these shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Transportation Services Customer Service Team

Thank you to the Transportation Services Customer Service Team for stepping up when we needed it most!

-Peter J. Armstrong


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Roger Bliefernicht & Kirstin Fosdal


A happy customer recently shared some “before and after” photos of the newly renovated 301 Suite in Ingraham Hall.

before/after photos of lounge space on campus
Lounge: before (L), and after (R)



Molly’s Office: before (L), and after (R)


Reception: before, at left / after, at right

“I know there are a few details to finalize yet, but I’m really thrilled with how it turned out!
I’m so grateful for everyone’s work and contribution to this project.”

 -Molly Donnellan, International Studies Major Advisor


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Grounds & Shaun Frey

A customer is thankful to the Grounds crew for its great work removing a tree, and to Facility Specialist, Shaun Frey, for his great communication throughout the process.


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Aaron Abraha


Shout out to Aaron Abraha for helping to get our night Maintenance Staff off to a good start on nights that I can’t be in at the 4pm check in with the team due to schedule constraints! Thank you for your continued support!

-Troy Ruland

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Campus Renovations & Monte Haufle


Thank you Campus Renovations and Monte Haufle for your dedicated work while updating a lab in Engineering Hall. “UW-Madison Physical Plant, Campus Renovation Services, and College of Engineering’s facilities group all worked together to make it happen.”

-Wynn O Jones and Associates

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Architects and Engineers

The Architects and Engineers have received excellent feedback on the office renovation project they completed in Ingraham hall. The customer is thrilled with the results and is very grateful for everyone’s work and contribution to this project.

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Facility Specialists

The Facility Specialists received a heartfelt thank you for all they do to offer a great client experience and provide valuable support. The client is happy to say that he has benefited greatly from the Facility Specialists role and would like to thank you for all you do.

Thank you, FP&M employees. It is the little things you do every day that make a difference! Employee recognition is part of our culture. Learn more on the FP&M Employee Recognition program page.


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