Shout-Outs–November 18, 2020



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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James Bogan

Shout-out to Jim Bogan for his wonderful knowledge and assistance to me in programming and writing scripts for Excel and IQ that allowed me to save at least 1hr/week.

 -Ashraf Sadek (ASH)


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Luzbel Del Angel and Custodial Supervisors


Thank you to Luzbel Del Angel and the whole Custodial Services crew for all the cleaning and care of the comfort station at the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. Visitors and staff greatly appreciate having exceptional clean facilities.

 -Laura Wyatt



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Dave Teske

Dave Teske spent the last year of his employment at UW giving back to Employees at FP&M through his service with Employee Recognition. His humor, selflessness and knowledge will be missed! Thank you Dave and enjoy a long and fruitful retirement!

 -Donovan Kron


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David Pitzner


Electricians Cory Dregne and Tom Wagner were very appreciative of all the work David Pitzner did on the drawings and details for the WIMR Radiation Replacement job. So was the UW customer and the supplier of the machine.

The project was a detailed electrical one and I would have been unable to accomplish it without all of David’s support.

 -Christine Johnston (CJ)

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Custodial Supervisors

Shout out to the custodial supervisors for assisting the custodial staff with navigating through E Benefits during the Annual Benefits Enrollment period. Thank you!

 -Rebecca Rohde

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New rapid test sites; a true team effort

A big shout out for the teamwork to open two brand new sites. This heavy lift included team members from Transportation Services, Space Management Office, Environment, Health & Safety, and Physical Plant under the leadership of Margaret Tennessen and Alan Fish. These new sites are helping increase our community’s health and safety. The very quick teamwork of our FP&M staff has been incredible.


Thank you, FP&M employees. It is the little things you do every day that make a difference! Employee recognition is part of our culture. Learn more on the FP&M Employee Recognition program page.


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