Shout-Outs–December 18, 2020



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Jodi Roberts

Jodi Roberts deserves a HUGE shout out for reconciling and and collecting over $1 MILLION dollars of outstanding debt and avoiding FPM financial loss – all done within 6 months of accepting her new role. Way to go Jodi!


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Ken Owens

Shout Out to Ken Owens for ensuring the Transportation Team at Nielsen/COVID tesing sites have their full PPE equipment at the start of every shift.

 -Rosa Ring

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Everyone Who Donated & Helped with Toys for Tots

I would like to thank everyone that donated or took the time to bring a toy in for the kids. We we able to donate 123 toys and games to Toys for Tots this year.

It was especially nice to have my brother Brent pitch in this year to help things along at the Service Building. He did a great job keeping track of the donations, purchasing and displaying the toys and games on the first floor out side the Welding Shop. I would also like to thank Jim Cuccia for making space available for the toys and games to be displayed for everyone to see.

A BIG THANKS to everyone that helped make this a better year than I even hoped for.

-Bruce Skaggs

See the 2020 Toys for Tots wrap-up here.

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Michael Wood

Shout out and Thank you to Michael Wood, a Senior Information Systems Specialist from Space Management for his sharing of his Holiday great Holiday Grog Recipe with the team! Suggested serving size- 8 oz. Drink warm & enjoy!

-Donovan Kron


Thank you, FP&M employees. It is the little things you do every day that make a difference! 


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