Shout-Outs–April 15, 2021



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Jamie Neumaier

I would like to have my current Covering Supervisor Jamie Neumaier be recognized for all that he does operationally in covering three Custodial Crews, two of which do not have a Team Lead.

 -Neville Paul, University Staff Congress District Representative #43


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Troy Vannieuwenhoven

Shout out to Troy Vannieuwenhoven, Hazardous Waste Program Manager. The researchers at the Livestock Laboratory are greatly appreciative for all his help in solving BIG animal issues.

 -Jane Rieman, Livestock Lab Manager


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Alicia Meyer, Kayla Ruplinger

I would like to thank Alicia Meyer, Organizational Training & Development Manager and Kayla Ruplinger, Training Coordinator, for developing a Performance Management Program that has prepared me to have more engaging conversations with my supervisors about my expectations, goal of being part of the Executive Leadership Team and other potential career and personal growth opportunities.

 -Neville Paul


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Tim Akey, Tim McNeil

Kudos to Tim Akey and Tim McNeil in Campus Services for their help changing lightbulbs in Bascom Hall. Tim and Tim carefully replaced them over the course of several days, always considering everyone in the building as they worked. They asked for a classroom schedule so they could do the work efficiently to get the room bright again without disturbing any students or faculty.


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Pam Zander

Cheers to our 2nd place winner, Pam Zander! She snuck into second place and held on.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the March Madness Challenge! We are looking forward to next year’s bracket already.

 -FP&M Wellness Committee

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Aaron Williams

Winner winner…way to make it to the top of the bracket, Aaron! Baylor got you the win!

Shout-out to all who participated in the 2021 March Madness Challenge! It was a good matchup and a lot of fun to enjoy some casual rivalry with coworkers.

 -FP&M Wellness Committee


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Tom McConnell

Shout out to Tom McConnell from the Sheet Metal shop for the great job he did on a lock box. The customer was very impressed with your craftsmanship. Keep up the great work, Tom!


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Steamfitters and DDC Shops

Thanks and appreciation to the Steamfitters and DDC Shops for resolving a heating issue that occurred before an event at the Brittingham Estate House. The A/C had stopped working right before a dinner party with the governor and the house was uncomfortably warm. Their excellent work in repairing the unit two hours before the event to get the house cooled down in time was greatly appreciated!


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Peter Mazloom

“Pete is an asset to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, especially regarding Covid Safety protocols…it’s been a pleasure having Pete in the Social Sciences Building. Amidst an ugly pandemic, it’s been a joy to watch Pete creating a beautiful building… I’m happy and grateful that you have Pete on your team.”


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Casey Roelli

Casey Roelli is recognized for his work quickly repairing two carts. The customer is happy she reached out and is thrilled with how well the carts work now. Keep up the outstanding work, Casey.


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Clay Eckstein

Clay noticed items to address before completing a paint job on a five-office suite in the Law Building. He brought them to the attention of those who could correct the situation. His excellent communication and attention to detail is greatly valued.


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Kathy Thompson

A customer recognized Kathy with the Steamfitter shop for repairing a freezer. “Thank you so much for the work that you did on it and the constant updates and communication throughout the week. …having it back in record time and ready to run was a huge sigh of relief for our research team. We really appreciate your efforts and can’t thank you enough.”


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Jodi Roberts

Special thanks to Jodi Roberts, who posted the February Architects & Engineers billing before the end of February, despite the fact that she did not receive it until the second-to-last day. Your diligence is appreciated, Jodi!


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Jim Kraus, Phil Drees

SoHE acknowledges Jim Kraus and Phil Drees with the Architects & Engineers team to thank them for the incredible job they did on the bathroom doors in the Child Development Lab. The customer is overjoyed with the end result.



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Monte Haufle, Brad Freitag, Todd Kiley, Brody Maclean, Benjamin Weiler, Tim Croy, Steve Heitz, Dennis Becker, Chris Harmon, David Pitzner, Jim Kraus, Randi Smith, David Downing, Laura Gower, Brandon Dowd, and Clint Abramczak

These employees have done excellent work on a project in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research building. The customer is very pleased with the outcome! Thanks for all you do.



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