Tips for a Successful Nomination (2021)

This post was updated in April 2021 to include the deadline for submitting a nomination is May 7, 2021.

The FP&M Employee Recognition team is now accepting nominations for Employee Recognition Awards through May 7, 2021.  See five helpful tips for a successful nomination.

How do I nominate someone?

A successful award nomination highlights employee actions that support excellence in facilities and services for our university community. These tips can help you with the nomination process:

1. Choose an award category: 

  • Try to select an award category for your nominee in advance so you can focus on how your nominee has met this criteria. 
  • Award categories include: Teamwork, Customer Service, Creative Solutions, Going Above and Beyond, and Unsung Individual.
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2. Prepare the text of your nomination in advance: 

  • Create a digital draft of the body text of the nomination, when possible. This helps you avoid losing what you have written.
  • Since you cannot save the online submission form it is recommended to copy and paste the nomination text into the online form for final submission.
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3. Be descriptive:  


  • Get support. Ask co-workers, supervisors, students, and/or faculty for ideas to support your nomination.  
  • Use plain language guidelines like bullet points and avoid acronyms when possible. You don’t need to craft beautiful paragraphs, just clearly convey the information. Learn more about plain language guidelines. 
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms. While you are familiar with your nominee’s work, members of the selection committee likely won’t be. Keep that in mind as you describe the nature and quality of the contributions and accomplishments. 
  • Include measurable results. Include measurable results (like monetary savings, a new product or service, clients receiving goods or services,  increases of staff morale , etc.)
  • Use multiple examples. Include more than one example of how the individual or team exceeds the daily responsibilities of the job.  

4. Get inspired:  


  • Briefly describe the nominee/team’s position and general job responsibilities. 
  • Is there an issue, problem, or situation that the individual or team successfully addressed? 
  • Has the individual/team consistently shown strong performance? 
  • How are these actions beyond the normal requirements of their job?  
  • Describe some action steps that were taken. 
  • How were innovations and/or solutions identified, developed, and implemented? 
  • Were there collaborative efforts with other disciplines and/or departments? 
  • How was leadership and/or teamwork demonstrated? 
  • What was the impact to FP&M or the campus community? 
  • How did the contribution/achievement improve service quality and/or efficiency? 
  • How did the contribution/achievement enhance diversity, foster staff development, and/or promote work/life balance? 

ribbon award icon5. Keep recognizing

  • Consider saving nomination and resubmitting updated version if not selected this year.  
  • Recognize daily, don’t wait for next year.  
  • Take note, document achievements throughout the year to guide next year’s nominations. 


Ready to nominate? Nominate an FP&M employee or team for a Recognition Award here. Learn more about FP&M Employee Recognition on Inside FP&M.