Shout-Outs–May 13, 2021



See shout-outs and kudos for those who have been going above and beyond.

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Matt Simmons (Custodial)

The Finishing Trades would like to thank Custodian Matt Simmons for the outstanding service he continually gives to our shop areas. The Carpenter Shop in particular creates an unbelievable amount of dust daily and Matt keeps this space in excellent shape, contributing to a safer, more efficient, and happier work environment for our Carpenters.

Matt’s work is a critical part of the success of the Carpenter Shop. We appreciate his work very much.

-Daniel Fish


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Ron Bierman

A big thank you goes out to plumber Ron Bierman! When a call came in that someone had accidently flushed their keys down the toilet, Ron was quick to respond and able to recover the keys for the customer. Thank you for the excellent work, Ron!


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Aaron Petrowski

Thank you to steamfitter Aaron Petrowski who stayed late to repair a chilled water outage at the Wisconsin Alumni Association. The customer greatly appreciated his hard work and effort to ensure the repairs were completed as soon as possible.


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Dar Ward

Shout-out to Dar Ward for the extra work helping get UHS vaccination appointment flyers posted at 55+ campus bus stops–and on a Saturday! Thanks for taking the time in your busy week (and weekend) to help spread the important news about campus vaccination appointments.

-Carolyn Wolff

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Graduation 2021: special thanks

Please see these special thanks to those at FP&M who helped make commencement happen for the UW-Madison Class of 2021. The event returned to Camp Randall this year after being held virtually in 2020. SEE POST


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Custodial Crew 343, Ricardo Portillo

Thank you to Ricardo Portillo and Custodial Crew 343 for creating a clean and presentable environment at Russell Labs. Your commitment to cleaning and waxing the floors at the labs is greatly appreciated.


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Josh Evridge, Andrew Henter, Phil Drees, Dennis Becker, Jeff Walter, Chris Harmon, Ash Sadek, Aaron Agnew, Brad Freitag, Todd Kiley, Amy Zabel Pietz

Kudos to everyone for their quick and effective work on a remodeling project for a robotics research lab in the Computer Science Building.


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Ash Sadek, Josh Evridge, Andrew Henter, Phil Drees, Dennis Becker, Jeff Walter, Chris Harmon, and Clint Abramczak

Great job! Thank you for your excellent work on a project in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research building. Your hard work has been recognized by many customers who are pleased with your dedication to the project!



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