Welcome to the Relocation Hub!

The FP&M move is one of the largest undertakings we’ve taken as a division, together. It affects each one of us — perhaps you’ve been busy packing up your belongings, or maybe you’re meeting with architects to design new spaces. You might be preparing for parking changes, or you’re wondering how hoteling works.

To help each of us understand this project, our part in it, and what we need to do, we’ve got the FP&M Relocation Hub. Designed just for FP&M employees, this is your home for all things “move.” You can take a look at the different steps of the relocation project, read the frequently asked questions, or brush up on your move vocabulary.

As plans are confirmed and action needs to be taken, you’ll be notified via email, signage and online events. But you can always check the FP&M Relocation Hub for news, too. As the project continues, more information will be added, including department-specific pages with timelines, updates and guidance. Please bookmark inside.fpm.wisc.edu/move to stay up-to-date, and if you don’t find what you need, feel free to ask a question.