Testing compliance updates

icon: testing vial and cotton swabThere will be a change in campus-wide communications to employees and students who haven’t uploaded a COVID-19 vaccine record and also haven’t been doing weekly COVID-19 testing.

Starting this week, they will be informed of the testing requirement via:

Screen shot with text and buttons. Heading reads "You have missed a required COVID-19 test."
Duo interrupter message (example)
  1. A weekly email message on Mondays
  2. Duo interrupter message — the message will display after the employee or student misses two tests in a row and will continue for an individual until they start testing again. They can upload their vaccine records, schedule a vaccination appointment, schedule a test or click “continue login” to continue to authentication.

These two message types will be sent for the next few weeks to those in noncompliance.

After that, noncompliance will move to a formal disciplinary process within each school/college/divisional Human Resources or to the Office of Student Compliance.

Vaccination is still available at no cost on campus.

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