Shout-Outs – August 31, 2023

"FP&M EMPLOYEE Shout-Outs"

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Luis Del Angel

Luis Del Angel from custodial for helping me out with a water leak at Ingraham! He didn’t think twice about lending a hand. I really appreciated it! Thank you Luis!

– Mike Benoy

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Scott Fischer and Bob Scott

Thank you Scott Fischer, Bob Scott, and others in Grounds for working to take corrective action on Observatory Hill – your field insights and willingness to find a solution are highly valued.

– Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture 

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Bob Ebert

Thank you Bob Ebert for the excellent job painting one of our offices in Ingraham!

– Jim Ackerman 

Ingraham Office

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Waste and Recycling (4 am to 12:30 pm shift)

This is a skeleton crew of efficient and highly skilled drivers that consistently and relentlessly keep on top of the trash and recycling throughout campus. They do so nearly non-stop with the highest regard to safety in a chaotic and congested environment. Look out for them and give them a bow. They are definitely looking out for you.

– Jeremy McIntyre 

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Don Busalacchi, Erin Plisch, Darren Berger, and TJ Whyte

Thank you to Don Busalacchi, Erin Plisch, Darren Berger, and TJ Whyte for pivoting quickly to accommodate a 4-day unannounced federal inspection.

Throughout the week, the 9 person inspection team shared many kudos regarding your attentiveness, responsiveness, and helpfulness, as well as efficiency at uploading so many documents. It really was a great team effort. I’m so proud and thankful for all of your hard work to maintain UW-Madison’s Select Agent Program and complete a successful FSAP inspection.

– Christina Pier 

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Kim Corcoran

Thank you, Kim Corcoran, for always going above and beyond to help out. The steamfitter shop appreciates all that you do!

– Steamfitter schedulers


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