Shout-outs – February 14, 2024

"FP&M EMPLOYEE Shout-Outs"

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Kim Corcoran

Campus Services would like to send a HUGE Shout out to Kim Corcoran. Thank you Kim for all of your hard work and persistence in helping us with our Lift Return. We know it was a long frustrating process and greatly appreciate all of your help.

– Brad Schenkel

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Donovan Kron and Karen Demick

Shout-out to Donovan Kron and Karen Demick for the YEAR-ROUND work they do leading the Employee Recognition team. They’re already hard at work planning this year’s awards, and they are wonderful partners. And a big thanks to the entire committee, too!

Also, did you know you can already nominate someone for the award? Check out

– Lori Wilson

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Zong Yang

A custodian that does everything and knows a lot a big kudos to her always a job well done and a custodian of the month.


– Mark Kazynski

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